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Air purification and filtration


A Healthy Home Improvement Investment

"Poor indoor air quality can cause or contribute to the development of chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma, and hypersensitivity and pneumonitis." — American Lung Association

Indoor air pollutants can affect us all.

Indoor air pollutants can affect us all. They can especially threaten the health of young children, the elderly, those with weakened immune systems from aging or disease, and the 55 to 60 million Americans who suffer from allergies, asthma, emphysema, and other respiratory tract ailments.

What you can't see can hurt you! Millions of invisible, but potentially harmful pollutants and microorganisms plus lingering orders from cooking, pets, tobacco smoke, mold and mildew can be present in the air circulated throughout even the most well-maintained homes.

All Emergency Plumbing and Heating Offers These Solutions To Your Central Air Purification Needs!

Cap600 series air purifier

CAP600 Series
Often recommended by allergists and other healthcare professionals, CAP600 systems are the ultimate home air purifiers. They feature true HEPA filtration to capture microscopic particulates, and activated carbon for gasses and odors. The "best of the best" CAP600-UVP model also features UV Plus technology. Easily retrofitted to almost any HVAC system, the CAP 600 can provide 50 to 60 clean air changes in a typical home. This self powered bypass system will not reduce the airflow delivery of your heating and cooling system. In fact, the ultra clean air it provides can help extend the life and performance of expensive HVAC systems.

CAP 100 Series air purifier

CAP 100 Series
Particulate matter in indoor air exists in a wide range of particle sizes. Large, visible particles are most easily trapped by most filter media. These particles are too large to be respirable (breathed into the lungs), and are more of a housekeeping problem than a health threat, as they tend to drop out of the air and accumulate on surfaces. CAP100 series models utilize much higher efficiency particulate filters, designed to capture smaller (1 to 25 micron) particles which can pass right through most furnace filters, such as soot, very fine dust, dust mite and insect remains, pet dander, and pollens. The true HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters in the CAP600 models, certified to a minimum efficiency of 99.97% at 0.3 microns, effectively capture even smaller microscopic particles and biological pollutants, such as tobacco smoke, bacteria, viruses, and mold and fungal spores.

Ultraviolet lamps

UltraViolightâ„¢ Plus Lamps
Molds, fungi, and other organisms are typically much more resistant to germicidal UV than bacteria and viruses, often requiring up to 100 times more exposure for an effective "kill" rate. The unique UV Plus lamps therefore also generate UV energy in a second wavelength range to produce a controlled amount of trivalent oxygen - also known as ozone - via a chemical oxidation reaction known as photolysis. Ozone is used throughout the world for numerous air and water purification and deodorization applications, such as purifying the bottled water we drink. This powerful oxidizer breaks down unpleasant odors, and provides increased effectiveness against molds and mold products.

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is a part of the spectrum of electromagnetic energy generated by the sun. UVGI can also be generated artificially with specially designed germicidal UV lamps. UVGI lamps have been used for more than 40 years to disinfect air in hospitals, and to reduce bacterial contamination in food storage and pharmaceutical facilities. UVGI "kills" microorganisms by destroying their DNA, and is most effective against bacteria and viruses. Now this proven microbial control technology is available for the residential market. All three CAP product series include models equipped with special UV Plus lamps that emit high output UVGI.

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