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All Emergency Plumbing and Heating  is your ultimate place to get professional assistance in installing, testing, repairing, and relocating various types of Gas Lines and Appliances. We have been in the business of providing quality gas services in NYC for several years, and have earned a solid reputation.

No matter what type of gas appliances you use, we have all types of solutions available for you. When you choose to go for our services, you simply transfer all your worries to us. Everything is done professionally. Your safety is our first priority.

Call us now to benefit from the best gas services in NYC.

Feel free to contact us regarding any question or problem with any Gas situation.

Services include:
» Adding gas lines
» Professionally done 
» Installations adding     gas lines
» Relocating gas lines
» Removing gas lines
» We work in all gas
» Appliances and lite    commercial


We have the latest Technology used to detect leaks. There are no leaks too small or too big for us to handle. All of our work is done by professional, experienced Gas Technicians.


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