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Going Green


About Water and the Embedded Energy

Water is a precious commodity and a fluid substance that if it is not controlled intelligently has a great tendency not only to waste itself but also the energy it contains.“


Saving Water Saves Energy

Transporting water and its process from the source to tap, requires huge amount of energy. This is known as Embedded Energy. At least 70% of water cost is energy relate, therefore any reduction in water use or its waste should reduce its cost and help the environment.

By reducing tap water waste, AutoTap can save embedded energy for the supplier one home at a time, with huge accumulative results. For the consumer AutoTap saves energy cost by reducing hot water waste. The combined energy savings potential of AutoTap can also benefits the environment by reducing . the emission of green house gases from power plants .

AutoTap is a Green Building product

Of all the requirements for a green building, none is as important or as crucial as the efficient use of water and energy.AutoTap compliments other water and energy saving appliances in making any kitchen more efficient. That’s why we say: No home is fully green without AutoTap.

Go Green with AutoTap

Building green or living green is about efficient use of resources and materials. None are as important or as crucial as the efficient use of water and energy. AutoTap brings efficiency to any kitchen faucet by making its use more convenient.Once AutoTap is installed any waste of water would have to be intentional.

AutoTap is for a Greener environment

Each day in the process of washing dishes by hand or rinsing them for a dishwasher, millions of gallons of heated water are being wasted as runoffs. The environmental costs of this waste in terms of spent energy for conveying water, purification, distribution, heating before use and the energy spent for waste water treatment are substantial and is not without a carbon foot print on our environment. AutoTap saves water and energy and that can help to reduce the traces of carbon on our environment.

How much Water and Energy can AutoTap save?

AutoTap can save up to 69% water when washing dishes by hand and up to 75% when rinsing dishes prior to placing them in a dishwasher.
AutoTap can also save up to 3 kilowatts of embedded energy per day by eliminating the hot water runoffs.

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