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Water heaters


All water heaters are not created equal! 718-989-7598

  • Same-day service in most cases
  • Efficiency 40 gallon gas and electric
  • Instant Hot Water circulation systems
  • 50 gallon and above, dual units
  • Energy Star Compliant
  • Rinnai tankless water heater systems
  • Endless Hot Water
  • Flusing & Repair
  • Affordable Prices
  • Professional Installation
It's surprising to most people that water heaters sold in big-box stores do not bear the manufacturers name and are built with cheaper materials and lower quality control standards than similarly priced units available through plumbing suppliers.  
For all residential and commercial water heaters call: 718-989-7598

We carry Bradford White, AO Smith Brand, and Rinnai brand water heaters because they are designed to last longer than their warranty.

We'll bring the best water heaters for the money and install them same-day

Water Heaters

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